The Fuller Street Jewish Cemeteries, Everett, MA

Above if the Linhas Hatzedek #1, Guard of Moses and the rear of the North Russell Street Shul Cemeteries.  All Dating back to the early 1900's

As we continually walk the 40 plus acres of the cemetery property and the over 20,000 interments, we are always finding a new stone that we have never seen before.  Here we show a few of the memorials that we have located and thought you as well would find interesting.  Whether it be for the measure fact that the interment was almost 100 years old, the workmanship amazing or the verbiage unique, we have thought sharing them would be appreciated.

Views of the left and right side from the Memorial Drive roadway.  This view shows both the older sections of the cemeteries combined with the newly developed parcels of land.  Like many of the Greater Boston area cemeteries, we share history dating back to the early 1900's through the modern needs of the reform, conservative and still orthodox families.  All located fifteen minutes from Harvard Street, Brookline, minutes from Malden Center and five minutes from the Revere Showcase Cinemas and the Route 16 and Route 1 intersection.

A view of the property from 232 Fuller Street, in the foreground, Beth Israel Cemetery, Lot 1, off in the distance, the New Tifereth Israel of Everett.

Caretaker's number 774-300-8400

‚Äčtoll free 833-816-6610

Left and right are views of the New Tifereth Israel of Everett Cemetery, once the new cemetery (est. 1950) for the Everett temple, Tifereth Israel of Everett on Malden Street, Everett.  The once thriving Orthodox Shul closed it's doors in the fall of 2016 and unable to manage the cemetery, has turned it over to the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM) for management, grave sales and grave issues.  The old temple building has become a member of the Chabad Center of the North Shore, specifically now called the Tobin Bridge Chabad, whose members use the Chebra Kadisha of Chelsea cemetery, also located on Fuller Street for the interments of their families.  

A view of our cemeteries, looking off in the distance, standing in the New Tifereth of Everett at the Montifiore Cemetery, Bessarabian Cemetery, Linhas Hatzedek #1 and the Chebra Kadisha of Chelsea's chapel and cemetery in the far distance.

Pictures of Our History, the Past and the Present

Pictures of the Various Cemeteries and Acreage, both the old and new, some areas as old as 1914, and as new as 2015