Caretaker's number 774-300-8400

​toll free 833-816-6610

First few rows of the Temple Ashkenaz section of the Everett Hebrew Burial Association.

As a traditional congregation over the years, this currently active congregation's cemetery does not accept cremations but does have many available graves.  Grave prices, including perpetual care are $1,000/grave


The origonal gate for the Temple Ashkenaz Cemetery

The former Temple Ashkanaz of Cambridge, that merged with the Beth Shalom of Cambridge decades ago, also offers a cemetery within the grounds of the Everett Jewish Cemeteries.  Though cremations are not allowed in this section either, traditional graves are available at the same $1,000 price.

Above is the new rotary garden that services both the Temple Beth Shalom and Ashkanaz Cemeteries on Cemetery Road, added as part of the property's continuing renovations and modernization.  To the left, in the distance, is the right side of the Temple Beth Shalom Cemetery.

Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge Cemetery

​A part of the Everett Hebrew Burial Association

A cemetery dating back to the 1920's, Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge, located on Tremont Street, Cambridge founded a cemetery to service their members.  Still an active and on going cemetery, the grounds inter many of the founding families of the Cambridge community and the Beth Shalom Temple families.

The Fuller Street Jewish Cemeteries, Everett, MA

Above, below, left, below, right, various views of the Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge section of the Everett Hebrew Burial Association.

The front left side of the Temple Beth Shalom Cemetery

Over the last several years, after merging into the Everett Hebrew Burial Association, the wrought iron fence was replaced with a garden with bushes and decorative trees.  All part of the ongoing cemetery renovations and modernization projects