The Fuller Street Jewish Cemeteries, Everett, MA

Greenview Memorial Park

Specific rules for Greenview Memorial Park

  • The cemetery rules and regulations require that the graves are purchased by the Jewish member of the family, they are welcome to purchase as many graves as they feel necessary
  • The cemetery offers single, double and family lots
  • The cemetery allows burials Sunday - Friday and is closed on Shabbat (Saturday)
  • ​Any grave is allowed a flush marker, single graves are allowed upright single memorials and double lots are allowed two optional double monument sizes dictated by the cemetery board.
  • Separate cremation section
  • Sprinkler system
  • Benches within the cemetery
  • Seasonal planted gardens
  • Picture medallions, base and ground installed vases are allowed  in all sections
  • We welcome services to be lead by families clergy of choice, including rabbis, priests and ministers
  • Memorials allow Hebrew, Russian, Latin, only exclusion to be fair to all religions and the Fuller Street Cemeteries community is no religious emblem (no matter what religion) is allowed on any stone.

Fees and charges


Greenview Memorial Park was open in 1997, with the first interment, Martin Ward of Revere, being interred in September of the same year.  The cemetery was opened to keep families together, to allow those with Jewish roots and family interred in our Fuller Street Cemeteries, the option of being buried with their family.  Located on the same property as the other Fuller Street Cemeteries, Greenview Memorial Park allows non Jews to be interred with the Jewish spouses and family members.  

The cemetery has not only double lots but single graves available as well as a specific cremation section for those interested in the slightly less costly option and not interested in purchasing a full sized grave or wanting an upright memorial.

  • Full interment graves are $1,200/grave
  • Cremation graves are $595/grave
  • Grave opening/closing fee, including grave box is $2,195.00 (regular Sunday - Friday service time and grave box installation, non graveside service)
  • Cremation interments without family present, schedule at staff's convenience, $395.00
  • Cremation interments, Monday - Friday, $595.00
  • Cremation interments, Sunday, $695.00

Caretaker's number 774-300-8400

​toll free 833-816-6610