The Fuller Street Jewish Cemeteries, Everett, MA

Tanya Boucher

Office Manager

Fuller Street Cemeteries

Tanya is located in the caretaker's office on Fuller Street.  She manages the Everett office and keeps the Everett office moving forward by handling the questions, complaints, burials, geneology and funerals.

Phone:  (617)387-3980

Fax: (617)544-3070


Mailing addres:  232 Fuller Street, Everett, MA 02149

Where we are ~

We are located at the white house directly on Fuller Street.  We have a rest room for your convenience that is open only during regular office hours.  Our address is 232 Fuller Street, Everett, MA.  We hold regular office hours Monday - Thursday, 9-4 and on Friday, 9-3.  We are closed on Saturday and on the Jewish and major secular holidays.  The office is open most Sundays before the high holidays to help you find locations and answer questions for those that visit the cemetery during that meaningful time of the year.

Who we are ~


The cemeteries, with interments dating back to the 1920's, have serviced the community in the traditional manner when our relatives arrived to this country and make the communities North of Boston, home.  They had their homes, places or worship and jobs all within the community.  It made sense that their final resting places would be in the same community.

Solomon Slotnick, a Chelsea resident, purchased the one time cow grazing origonal parcel of land in 1919 and created the Beth Israel Cemetery Corporation of Everett.  In order to support his family and make a living, Solomon started to sub divide smaller parcels of the massive 50 plus acres property to other local temples, brotherhoods and organizations representing the vast number of Jews that had settled this area during the early part of the 1900's.  Each group was interested in a way to service their membership and wanted a local cemetery for their dead.  After subdividing the parcels, Solomon set up an entity to maintain and service the newly created cemeteries.

Fuller Service Company is the evolution of that maintenance entity and is the caretaker of the cemeteries located on Fuller Street, in Everett.  As caretaker, they receive all calls for interment orders, service the burials, clean up the burials, fill sunk graves, loam and seed graves when needed and maintain the property subject to the restrictions of the owners of the developed and undeveloped lands of the cemetery.

How to reach us ~

You are welcome to call our office at (617)387-3980, we have a voicemail system as well for when the office is closed or we are not available.  You may also fax our office at (617)544-3070 or email us at

Caretaker's number 774-300-8400

​toll free 833-816-6610

What we do ~

We are who you call when you see a grave has settled or needs attention.  We are who your funeral chapel calls to scheduled a funeral, we are who will open and close the grave and install the foundation for the monument to mark the grave of your loved one.  We also maintain a large data base of interments and reservation, assisting those in need, on finding a loved one.