David Prusky, (March 12, 2018) Chevra Thillim of Boston Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Bernard Moller, (January 25, 2018) Beth Israel Cemetery, Brezniak Rodman Funeral Directors

Ruth Michaelson, (May 14, 2018) Montifiore Cemetery, Stanetsky Memorial Chapel

Albert Eisenberg, (February 9, 2018) Liberty Progressive, Goldman Funeral Chapel

Edward Kritzer, (February 28, 2018) Beachmont Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Gertrude Aaron, (February 18, 2018) Chebra Kadusha of Chelsea Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Current and Recent Interments

Charlotte Freedman, (January 31, 2018) Liberty Progressive, Levine Chapels

The Fuller Street Jewish Cemeteries, Everett, MA

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Harry Schrater, (January 6, 2018) Sudilkov, Stanetsky-Hymanson Memorial Chapel

Burton Gershfield, (May 9, 2018) Sudilkov Cemetery, Torf Funeral Chapel

Yelizaveta Genkina, (February 17, 2018) Beth Israel Cemetery, Goldman Funeral Chapel

Herbert Hausman, (February 3, 2018) Beth Israel Cemetery, Levine Chapels

Roy DiCicco, (January 26, 2018) Greenview Memorial Park, MacKey Funeral Home (Middleton, MA)

Gertrude Botman, (March 9, 2018) Chevra Mishna Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Leatrice Bloch, (February 22, 2018) Ashkenaz Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Sheila Millstone, (January 1, 2018) New Tifereth Israel of Everett, Torf Funeral Service

Marlene Chamrin, (February 18, 2018) Rabbi Isaac Elchonon Cemetery, Goldman Funeral Chapel

Charlotte Raphel, (May 9, 2018) Dorchester Hebrew Helping Hands Cemetery, Torf Funeral Chapel

Anna Lavins, (February 4, 2018) Tifereth Israel of Revere Cemetery, Stanetsky-Hymanson Memorial Chapel

Caretaker's number 774-300-8400

​toll free 833-816-6610

Maxine Maran, (January 11, 2018), Birsen, Torf Funeral Service

Neil Alpert, (January 6, 2018) Linas Hatzedek #2, Torf Funeral Service

Robert Cohen, (February 24, 2018) Tifereth Israel of Revere Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Shirley Weiner, (March 8, 2018) Rabbi Isaac Elchonon, Goldman Funeral Chapel

Nelson Kessler, (January 12, 2018), New Tifereth Israel of Everett, Stanetsky-Hymanson Memorial Chapel

Anne Bookman, (February 1, 2018) Linhas Hatzedek, Goldman Funeral Chapel

Richard Feinberg, (May 14, 2018) Greenview Memorial Park Cemetery, Torf Funeral Service

Carleton Davis, ​(January 23, 2018), Greenview Memorial Park , Goldman Funeral Chapel

Irene Bartfield, (March 2, 2018) Sudilkov Cemetery, Stanetsky-Hymanson Memorial Chapel

Ruth Piven, (January 31, 2018) Tifereth Israel of Revere, Goldman Funeral Chapel